Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

Asexual Sexual

A sexual is when reproductions
takes place using only one set
of  DNA.
Sexual is a combination of different genes
is needed for reproduction

Cell division

Set of parents not necessary to reproduce

Single celled organisms primary form of

Produce more rapidly.

Always genetically similar to their parent
unless mutation occurs

Die easier because they do not adapt.

Lack same intelligence as Sexual.
Sperm and Egg

Set of parents necessary to reproduce

Multiple celled organisms primary form of

Requires fusion of both parents

Production is slower and less common for
multiple birth

Ability to adapt

Produces unique offspring.

Flaws and weakness of original organism
will be passed down to offspring.  No
chance of survival if attacked by disease
they don't have any resistance to.
Two different sets of DNA could correct
flaws in weaknesses in some of the offspring
allowing for a better chance of survival as
some might be resistant to the disease.


Sexual is superior to Asexual in almost every way.  When the climate is hostile and there is a
shortage of food, sexual reproduction ensures mixing of the genes. The variations in the offspring
could allow for some to be better suited to survive and create adaption in the species for future