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  Today there was an extensive examination of trees done here at the marsh.   As the inspector made his
way around the many trees, she had observed bug infestation in approximately 30 percent of the
marsh trees.  It is suspected that even if Barney Woodpecker was able to import more woodpeckers to
the area, that the infestation will still spread.  The community homes and tree committee had an
emergency meeting today to see what could be done to limit any further damages and how to confine
the bug population to the already infected trees.  Unfortunately, there was no answer for this problem
and the committee is open to any and all suggestions from the residence.  If you have an opinion or
solution, please approach the committee right away. 

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Marsh Secrets
   Hey everyone.  This reporter would like to know if there is anyone out there that has pictures of
this area dating back to the early marsh days.  If you do, I would like to obtain a copy from you  and
post it here, with your permission.  Please contact me if you do and we will work out the details.

Marsh Weather
  Expect it to be cold air to move back in starting tonight.  Time to freeze your booty again.  Tomorrow's marsh weather:  The sharp bitter cold we all don't want to see right now.  I am
hoping to be wrong, but this time, I don't think so.

Some of it's here  
Sudoku Puzzle also to be added as soon as I am well enough. 
word type games and sudoku
Crossword puzzle canceled until I can work out some troubled areas.

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