Moosegal has got the gun! You better run.

That's right guys ... hunting season is coming. 

Whoa!!!  Before you go any further ... if you think you need to get hyped up before you start looking through all this wonderful info  ......  Check out this game.  Hey, call a friend and have him join you in this game.   bowman game

Oh yes, I do remember trucking though the woods with a gun in my hand and a backpack strapped to me.   Those days are done now, I'm more then happy to stay at home where it's dry, warm, and well lit.  I don't expect you to do the same so I have made a nice little page with almost everything you need to know before you step out that door.  Oh sure, most of you know how to hunt but it's nice to make sure you checked the regulations and such, just in case there has been a few changes. 

Normally I like to give you buttons instead of links but there is just way too many links for me to make buttons, so please excuse the way I am about to do this.  The first little bit will be the most important ... regulations for many countries.  After that I have a also added links for wild game disease warnings, supplies, field dressing instructions and what not.  I am also adding a hunting forum link to the very bottom and a link for weather information.

  Hunting Regulations

For the United States
Government Link  

For Canada
Government Fact Sheet

Canada Gun Laws

Canada Wilderness
For the U.K.:
U.K. Society and Culture

For New Zealand:
Department Of ...

For the Caribbean:
Links to come!  
Hunting in Europe:
Face Europe
  (pop up)
Hunting in Australia:
Field and Game

Game Council

Natural Env.
For Central America:
Mexico Online

Disease Found In Wild Meat:

Wild Game Resources
First Gov. U.S. Geo. Surv. U. of Minnesota  Virginia Gov.

Field Dressing:

Montana U.
(free material for asking)
U. of Wyoming
(waterfowl -pdf)
(dressing, freezing & cooking)

Hunting Stuff:

Sorry I couldn't have provided you with more links but I am very particular as to the quality of sites I put on my pages.  I will continue to search for more links but I do hope that these will meet your needs.

A little of moosegal hunting humor:  (
This is a very true story)

I was seventeen and had taken the course to get my hunting license and gun permit.  Well, to be honest, I had been hunting for years prior but thought it was time to make it all legal.  I have to admit, the course was very informative and I realized I was very fortunate to not have shot my foot off all those years as I had been carrying my weapon wrong.

Anyway, after the course was done, it was time to take the test.  Now the written part was fairly easy but the practical part was difficult for me.  See when you do your practical test, they do not give you any real stuff and you have to resort back to childhood and pretend you have these objects.  My imagination is very limited and I could not get serious about this.  From all the little one liners running through my head and the many entertaining thoughts in there, I went completely brain dead.  They told me I was at a fence and I had to get to the other side, I looked at the man like he was nuts, after all I was in the Natural Resource building.  I had no other choice but to play this man's game so I did what any other woman would do .... I brought my imaginary boyfriend along and passed him the imaginary shovel.  My invisible boyfriend dug the whole under the fence while I watched.  He also allowed me to cross first and then passed me the imaginary gun.  Needless to say ... I failed the first time around.  I did do much better the second time around, I dug my own hole.

Weather To Dress By  
Now head on back to the marsh and find something else to look at.