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Honoring: Mr. Tony Curtis

Originally Posted: October 28, 2007 @ 12:01 am

On June 3, 1925, a Hungarian couple Emanuel and Helen Schwartz, celebrated the birth of their son, Bernard Schwartz. Although the date is also shared with the launching of the Goodyear airship "Pilgrim," an aura surrounding the events of that day, seems to also play a role in the personality of Bernard, now known as Tony Curtis.

From the very beginning, Tony had many hurdles set before him. Tony's mother and brother Robert suffered from mental illness. At the age of eight, Tony and his brother Julius spent a year in an orphanage due to the great depression, his parents were unable to feed them and had no other choice. Five years later, Tony's brother Julius was killed in an accident. It was his need for escape from the daily reality that lead Tony to the cinema where he could lose himself in scenes with fencing, horseback riding and other things that interested him.

Barely eighteen, Tony served in the U.S. Navy. Shortly after being discharged in 1945, he returned to New York and studied acting. It wasn't till 1948, he moved to Hollywood and caught the attention of Universal Studios, signing a seven year contract with them. With sex appeal, charm and talent, Tony climbed the billboard, and by 1950 he was the grand prize for a contest, "win Tony Curtis for a week."

Tony's personal life was full of ups and downs. In 1951 he married the beautiful and enchanting Janet Leigh. His marriage to Janet lasted for eleven years, producing two children, Jamie and Kelly. In 1963, Tony married ballerina Christine Kaufmann, producing Alexandra and Allegra before the marriage ended in 1968. Shortly after his divorce to Christine, he then married Leslie Allen, producing two more children, Nicholas and Benjamin. Divorcing Leslie in 1982, he married Andrea Savio in 1984, lasting till 1992. Tony's next marriage was very short, lasting only one year, In 1993 Tony married the young and beautiful attorney, Lisa Deutsch. On November 1998 Tony married his present wife, Mrs. Jill Vandenberg Curtis.

Tony's personal life has had many major changes and tragedies including the loss of one of his children. Still carrying the scar from the the death of his brother Julius, he was faced with the tragic overdose of his son Nicholas on July 2, 1994.

Currently, Tony Curtis is expected to play the role of Mr. Schwartz, in the movie, David and Fatima (2008). In his spare time, he manages to paint and spending time at the ranch with is wife Jill and their horse rescue project.

From my perspective, as I finish this article, I view Tony Curtis in a different light. Many actors and actresses face some very challenging events in their lives, but what Mr. Curtis has had to face as such a young boy is more than what any child should. He is a very strong willed man, a sensational actor and he has presented himself in good light to his fans, regardless of the events in his life. I can only wish him well and that his future provides him with the peace he is so deserving of.

Although there are very few place on the net to watch movies for free, if you are a fan of Mr. Curtis you may want to check the list of his movies in the link below and see if there is any you missed or desire to own.
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Update: Tony Curtis passed away on September 29, 2010

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