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The Unforgettable: Mr. Steve McQueen

Originally Posted: August 10, 2007 @ 11:40 pm

Terence Steven McQueen made his entry into this world on March 24,1930. Terence was born during the time of the great depression in Beech, Indiana. His father abandoned both Terence and his mother shortly after his birth. His mother was not able to provide a stable life for her infant son and she sent him to live with his uncle Claude in Slater Missouri. Although his uncle was not his natural birth parent, Terence Steven had a very happy life and his uncle had treated him like a son.

At the age of twelve, the happy lifestyle Terence Steven had lived for so many years, came to an end. Terence's mother had married a new man and she returned to claim her son. Still in his youth, Terence Steven McQueen moved to California as requested by his mother.

Living with an abusive step father and missing the home in Missouri, Terence Steven took to the streets and joined gangs, which lead him into a lot of trouble. By the age of fourteen, his mother put him in the California Junior Boys Republic, which was known as "a home for wayward boys". He remained there till age of majority and although it may not have compared to living with his uncle, he appreciated what they had done for him. After he had become wealthy, he showed his appreciation with a four year scholarship to the best student in 1962 as well as sizable donation outlined in his will.

From 1947 to 1950, Terence Steven McQueen became the property of the United States Marine Corps. After being discharged from services, he made his way to Texas and worked in oil fields till he moved on to Canada and worked as a lumberjack. In 1952, Terence Steven McQueen returned to the United States and it was in New York that he met up with an actress whom encouraged him to pursue an acting career. Although his GI bill provided him with some financial assistance, he drove truck at night while attending the Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio during the day. Luck finally paid him a visit and he received a scholarship at Herbert -Bergoff Drama School, making things a little easier financially.

Although there was only a Hatful of Rain at first, he rose to stardom with Wanted: Dead or Alive. While riding a horse and slinging a sawed off shot gun, Steve McQueen played the rugged bounty hunter. It was only destiny that brought bigger and better role, making him one of the highest paid actor in the sixties and seventies.

Terence Steven McQueen had an outstanding acting career but his personal life had suffered greatly. He had been married three times and divorced twice before his life had been cut short. Early into his marriage to his third wife, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Steve McQueen traveled to Mexico, where he had undergone treatments and surgery but the cancer had continued to progress. On November 7, 1980, a the young age of 50, Steve McQueen passed away.

When I look back at the many movies I had watched, starring Steve McQueen, it was hard to decide which one I could say I enjoyed the most. I have fond memories of watching Papillion with my mother, but if I had to pick just one, it would be The Sand Pebbles.

Terence "Steven" McQueen was a sensational actor and Hollywood's "King Of Cool." He entertained many people over the years and he mastered many roles. I am thankful his talent was captured on film, for he will continue to bring pleasure to viewers in years to come. May he rest in peace.

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