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Honoring: Ms. Shirley Temple

Originally Posted: February 18, 2007 @ 6:21 pm

Shirley Temple was born a Leo and much like a lion, she pounced into stardom. Shirley Temple impressed the audience with her singing, dancing and acting from the time she was three. Born in August 23, 1928 during the era of depression, Shirley was seen as a blessing. With her cute little face, her curly hair and talent, she offered so many people a bit of peace from the everyday struggles.

Shirley Temple was born in Santa Monica California to George and Gertrude Temple. George was a banker and her mother was a house wife. Neither of Shirley's parents had any ties to the filming industry and although they had two older sons, Shirley was the only child to become a performer.

By the time Shirley Temple was six years old, she had already been credited for over fifteen films. Shirley Temple gained a following and starred in many films while maintaining her youthful innocence.

As an adult, Shirley Temple was more than an actress. Shirley Temple managed to hold a long and loving marriage together with her second husband Charles Alden Black (1950 - 2005), a mother to three children, America's delegate to many international conferences and summits, an Ambassador and the first female chief Protocol to the United States.

Although her achievements were great, the one thing that remains as a memory to many was the films in her early years and her role as a young actress. She starred with so many great names of the past and present. She is a woman that should never be over looked as she gave so very much of herself from the time she was a child until present.

I have to admit, I make a point of taking time out to enjoy some of those great old black and white films. If you have never had the opportunity to watch a Shirley Temple movie, take advantage of it now while they are still available. has a section to watch free television and if you browse around you can find some great Shirley Temple movies.

Shirley Temple Movies

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