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The Unforgettable:  Ms.Elizabeth Taylor

Originally Posted: April 23, 2007 @ 10:18 am

Born February 27, 1932, in Hampstead, London, England, this beautiful woman grew up to entrance the many fans that watched her perform on the big screen.

Just ten years old, Elizabeth portrayed Gloria Twine in the movie, ?One Born Every Minutes? released in 1942 by universal Studios. In 1943, under the production of MGM, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor starred in ?Lassie Come Home?. By 1944, Elizabeth Taylor and Micky Rooney starred together in ?Black Velvet?, which acted as a springboard for Elizabeth?s career.

For many years, Elizabeth Taylor performed in high rating movies but all at the cost of her natural childhood. Her beauty and poise was intoxicating and Hollywood knew how to market it. By 1963, her many splendors and talents earned her the starring role in the movie, Cleopatra.

Elizabeth had acquired her great popularity, however her private life brought her quite a bit of criticism. She is quoted for having said that, she had not been intimate with any man she did not married. Although she has kept her life respectable, her high number count of husbands has been an emphasis in the media and even at present, the reporters continue to monitor the private life of Elizabeth Taylor.

When I think of Elizabeth Taylor, I admire her many traits. Not only is Elizabeth a woman with sex appeal, poise and charm but she is one of the most spirited woman I have ever watched on stage. The woman carries an aura around her that shines brightly with energy, and astounding dignity. A prime example of this woman?s powerful is her role as an AIDS activist and watching her, you could almost feel the sense of power within her.

I have enjoyed this woman for many years and I find she has enriched my life. Although I could never be as potent as Elizabeth Taylor, she was an important role model for myself and many other young woman.

Before I close this article, I would like to add one more comment. In February of this year, Elizabeth celebrated her seventy fifth birthday. I have viewed a few recent photos of her on the net and I think she is still an alluring woman and seductive too.

Update:  Elizabeth Taylor passed away March 2011 from congestive heart failure.  She was seventy nine years old.  

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