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Honoring:  Mr. Donald Southerland

Originally Posted: October 19, 2007 @ 1:52 am

July of 1935 was memorable to many. With the return of power back to the liberal government in Canada and the epidemic of infantile paralysis (polio), who would have thought that someone as captivating as Donald McNichol Sutherland would have been born.

Born July 17, 1935 to hard working parents (Dorothy Isobel and Frederick McLea Sutherland ), Donald took his first breath of air in Saint John New Brunswick. Whether it be the the moist air or his genetic make up, Donald Sutherland was born a fighter. Battling polio as a young boy and a host of other diseases, he grew to be a very amazing actor. While struggling with polio, he had developed an exciting personality and he became quite the literary; for although bedridden as a child, he found adventure and knowledge through the many books he read.

Donald was born in Saint John, he grew up in Bridgewater New Brunswick, where at the age of fourteen, his first employment experience, was as a news correspondent for a local radio station.

Blessed with talent and distinctive looks, Donald Sutherland was able to enter the world of entertainment with roles in British films and small parts on television shows during the early 1960’s. Several years had passed from the time he did his first film, but in 1967 he gained fame for his role in The Dirty Dozen and in 1970, when he played Mash’s very first Hawkeye Peirce.

Donald Sutherland's private life was also an interest to many. His relationship with Jane Fonda had become a public interest and his affair with Joan Juliet Buck was immortalized in her novel, The only Place To Be. His first marriage to Lois Hardwick had lasted seven years and produced no children. His second marriage, to Shirley Douglas had lasted five years and produced his celebrity son, Kiefer Sutherland. His final and present marriage to Francine Racette was the marriage that survived his relationship with Jane Fonda. Tribulation in the marriage had not hindered family planning as Donald and Francine parented three children together (Roeg, Fossif and Angus).

On July of 2005, Donald Sutherland turned 70 years old but age has not slowed his career or success down any. With 2007 almost over, four films had been released this year with Donald starring as one of the characters. It is expected that on February 8th, 2008, Fools Gold will be released and Donald Sutherland will be playing the character of Nigel in this action/adventure/romance film.

Often I find writing these articles a pleasure. One of the things that makes it so enjoyable is the researched knowledge I gain on each one of the people I do a tribute to. Donald Sutherland is a very respectable man that reinforces the belief, we can overcome the biggest of hurdles as long as we never give up and continue to reach for our dreams. Polio and other health issues could have kept this great man from being a star and yet, the permanent residual affect (limp) only ads a polished and dashing appeal to the characters he plays.

Donald, may the sun always shine upon you, for you are a very illuminating star. Best of luck.?

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