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The Unforgettable:  Mr. Charles Bronson

Originally Posted: March 13, 2007 @ 7:50 pm

Charles Bronson was an amazing actor and he was naturally talented. Charles David Buchinski was born November 3, 1921. Being a child of a poor immigrant father, and a mother whom was a Lithuanian-American, Charles learned how to survive hardship. In a family of fifteen siblings, Charles was the seventh son and ninth born. His father and brothers worked in the coal mines and earned only one dollar per ton. By 1936, Charles was only fourteen years old, when his father had passed away with cancer. At the age of sixteen, Charles did work in the Ehrenfeld Pennsylvania coal mine beside his brothers, while still attending high school. Come 1943, Charles was drafted and served as a gunner in the Pacific Chapter.

After returning from the war, Charles Buchinski began his career in performing arts. Although he originally started in the production end of the business, he was cast in a few minor roles and decided to pursue a career as an actor. It was after enrolling in the Pasadena Playhouse (1949), that he got his lucky break. It was an instructor from the playhouse that introduced him to director Henry Hathaway. Mr. Hathaway gave Charles his first debut role in the film, You?re in the Navy Now, starring Gary Cooper.

In 1953, Charles Buchinski had changed his name to Charles Bronson. Although he was already billed as Charles Buchinski, he felt he would have a better chance with his acting career if he changed his name. The life of Charles Bronson was not an easy one. From birth till death he had to over come a great deal of hardship and trauma.

With a count of over fifty films, I really don?t think anyone can pinpoint one film as being his claim to fame. His roles as western gunfighter, police officer, mafia man and the few others, were all important and well performed. He was the righteous tough guy that tore up the screen with lots of action.

Normally I prefer to do tributes to living performers. The fact I am doing one on Mr. Bronson, after he has departed, only goes to show he has left an impression on me. He was an actor like no other and it is my opinion that he should never really be categorized.

On August 30, 2003, Charles Bronson died on pneumonia at the age of 81. His last role was in Death Wish V, Face of Death (1984).

This tribute brings back a lot of wonderful memories for me. Growing up I dated a lot, and I spend a great portion of my teen life in the movie theater. I loved action movies with lots of gun play, death and the good guy always being top dog. Charles Bronson was on the top of my list when it came to favorite actors

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