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Moose - No More A Beast Than You And I

Learning to understand a moose is a positive step in the right direction.  Moose are truly magnificent creatures that have served man well in history.  They were creatures men would ride into battle and loving friends to their riders. (1) 

Will a Moose Charge you?  

Well, I think the question is, why are you that close to a moose?  Moose are not normally aggressive creatures but the cow (like most mothers) will protect her young, to the extent of possibly killing. (2)  The male moose, will become very aggressive during mating season.  Under normal circumstances moose are very timid and shy but they are wild animals and should be treated with respect and caution.

Question: So how do you stop a moose from charging?  (joke answers at bottom right hand column)

When Is Rutting Season?  

The bull moose will shed his antlers every winter.  By spring, they have new antlers growing covered  with a soft velvet material.  With the arrival of autumn, the velvet begins to shed from the antlers.  Although all bull moose will shed this velvet, the older bulls will be first to shed and first to mate.  It is the shedding of the velvet covering that begins the ritual moose rut as the moose will thrash their antlers in the bush, which in turn will attract the cows and other moose.  

Another sure tale sign of rutting season is the distinct odor the male moose will sport.  Bull moose will dig a rutting pit.(3)  Once completed ( 2 to 3 inches deep and approximately 2 feet wide) the bull will urinate in the pit and then proceed to splash himself with his own urine. Once he has managed to get some urine on his antlers, head and dewlap, it's odor will fill the air.  If there is cow moose in the area,  the scent will encourage ovulation and the cow will enter into heat.  

Rutting season is also time for conflict between bull moose. When two or more bull moose are in the same area as a cow, it is common for them to fight over the right to breed the cow.  

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Gestation Period and Moose Parenting

The cow moose will raise her  young as single parent . Conceiving in the fall, the cow will carry her offspring for 8 months (230 days), giving birth during the spring of the year.  The cow may give birth up to three calves, which she will nurse, protect and interact with all on her own.   Pending on if  it is a multiple birth, a calf can weigh from 23 pounds up to 34 pounds at birth.  (4)   Although they first start out very small, the moose calf can grow very quickly, packing on up to one pound per day in weight.  During the first few days, it's the mothers protective instinct to keep her young hidden in secluded area's to hide them from prey.  Once the calf is stronger, she will then start to branch out from safety as they are now faster than a human and capable of swimming if needed.  

Question:  What does a cow moose read to her young?

What Does A Moose Do All Day?

Generally, moose like to hang out  where there is food,  water, safety, protection from weather and privacy.  Where you find a moose in the summer, may not be where he or she will be during the winter months.  During the warmer months, moose prefer to be new water, where they can cool themselves down from the hot days.  They also enjoy the foods in the wet areas and have an easier time escaping predators.  During the winter months, moose face many problems and moving is necessary for survival.  

Question:  What does a teen moose do all day?

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Moose Sporting Events

Did you know a moose can run at speeds of up to 35 miles an hour. They can run that pace for up to 15 miles without stopping for a rest.  

Moose can swim ten miles in a session at the speed of 6 miles per hour.  They are also able to dive into depths of 20 feet of water.  Moose can also float on, thanks to the hollow hair. (5)

Enemies of Moose

Why on earth would anyone hate a moose?  Well, hate is not necessary for a moose to have enemies.  Wolves, bears,  insects and humans are the biggest danger to moose.  

Brainworm, a parasite carried by white tail-deer, can be fatal to a moose's nervous system.  The parasite is transfered from deer droppings onto plant vegetation and consumed by moose. (6)  

What You Might See A Moose Eat

You might be more apt to see moose eating twigs, leaves, aquatic plants, willows, water lilies, bark, my neighbor's shrubs, ground plants and trees.  Moose do not eat donuts, french fries, burgers or any other foods that you might buy at a fast food place.   

Question:  What is a moose's favorite chocolate bar?

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What Countries Have Moose

Moose live in Asia, United States, Canada, Canada and Europe. (From Norway, Sweden and Finland to Russia and Siberia)

There are seven  subspecies of moose in the world.  
1. The Yukon Moose - Alces alces gigas
Largest of the moose species
2. Eastern Canadian Moose - Alces alces americana
     Only a slight difference to the Western Canadian
3. Western Canadian Moose - Alces alces andersoni
Bulls weight approx. 800 to 1000 pounds.  Cows are
     only 100 to 130 pounds lighter.
4. The European Moose - Alces alces machlis
Legs are extremely long and slender
5. Sharis Moose  - Alces alces shirasi
     The smallest of the moose species
North Siberian Elk - Alces alces bedfordiae
Antlers are different than North American Moose (7)
7.  Siberian Moose - Alces alces cameloides
Only found in eastern Siberia, Mongolia and

Other Interesting Facts

  • In Algonquin tongue, moose means eater of twigs.
  • Moose have no upper teeth.
  • In Europe and Asia, moose are referred to as elk.
  • From shoulder to ground, moose can range up to six and a half feet tall.
  • Some bull moose weigh in over 1600 pounds.
  • Moose have excellent hearing.
  • Only bull moose grow antlers.
  • Older bull moose shed their antlers first (normally around December) and by the end of January, most bulls have shed their antlers.
  • Average life span of a moose is only five to six year but some but if healthy and avoids predators, it can live up to twenty years of age.
  • Moose are members of the deer family.
  • The scientific name for moose is Alces alces.
  • Winter tick infestation can cause a decrease in moose population up to 50%.
  • Moose are herbivores and eat only plants.  They can eat 40 to 60 pounds of plant life per day.
  • Moose are ruminants, meaning they have the four chambers in their stomach and they regurgitate food, re chew it and swallow to allow better digestion.
  • Tail size on a full grown adult moose is only 3 inches long.  

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Moose eating
Moose spend a lot of time eating.  Moose have four chambers in their stomach and they regurgitate and re-chew food that  has been breaking down in one of their stomach chambers.

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two moose locking horns
This is a video of two bulls in the same area during rutting season.

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Cow moose and her twin offspring.
These two calves are so cute.  My favorite part is when the one calf head bunts ....
no spoiler here.

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Nice footage of a moose in Norway.
Beautiful animal.  Be sure to check out the antlers on it.  


More Pictures
Moose enjoying the marsh water
Photo Credit:US Fish and Wildlife Service

cow and calf in marsh water
Photo Credit:US Fish and Wildlife Service

Bull moose eating a small tree.
Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Joke Answers
Question: So how do you stop a moose from charging?  
Answer:  Take away it's credit card.  
Question:  What does a cow moose read to her young?

Answer:  Mother Moose Nursery Rhymes
Question:  What does a teen moose do all day?

Answer:  Hang out with his friends and listen to moosic.

Question:  What is a moose's favorite chocolate bar?

Answer:  Three Moosketeers

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