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Trying To Keep Your PC Clean

Every time you look at a page on the net, your computer will load image details and other important
things it need to display the page.  When you load a new program on your computer, more stuff is
being stored.  You don't need to keep all the information on your computer an after a period of time,
your computer will become too full and start to runimproperly.  It is very important to service your
computer, keeping it cleaned out and all the files located in the right place.  

Follow the steps below and you will be well on your way to proper computer health.  

Cleanup and Defrag
Before you begin any of the following steps, I suggest you close off all unnecessary
programs to speed things up.
Diagram showing how to get to clean up and defrag.
click image to enlarge
1.  Bottom right hand - click start button.
2.  Place mouse on All Programs till new window pops up.
3.  In new window, place mouse on accessories till another new window pops up..
4.  In that new window, place mouse on system tools .. another new window.
5.  In that new window, click disk clean up.
 To Defrag:  Repeat first four step but click on defrag (#6)

Clean Up image
click image to enlarge
This little window will pop up and your computer will evaluate the cleaning job.  
Disk clean up option images
click image to enlarge
New window will pop open and you now have options to pick.  Although I
manually clean out my trash, you can select to allow the computer to clean it out
for you.  

Click the ok button and allow it to do it's work.  
defrag window image
click image to enlarge
After you have repeated the first four steps outlined above and clicked the
disk defragmenter button in the start menu, this little box will pop up.  If you want
you can analyze your fragmented files to check and see how bad it is, or go right
to defragment.  

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Learn to use and care for your computer
Lap Top Tips and Tricks:

Free Protective Software
If you do not have adequate software on your machine, please look at the links. 
I have used the following software and found them to be very good. Free

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If you are using windows, please consider using the software below as it will help to eliminate some directory problems, help for future diagnosis if needed.  (lol, just trust me on this)

Free Online Virus Scanners (virus scan) (spyware scan) (acitve scan) (file or computer scan) (online scan) (online scan)
More literature regarding spyware, viruses and such: (read from site only.  I do not endorse any software or services
from this site as I had not used them and will only endorse from first hand knowledge

Little tips for doing scans:
I did a deep scan using Kaspersky online scanner, it took over two hours but could have taken much
longer.  If you should decide to do a deep scan, clean your temp files, delete your history, remove
programs you no longer use, empty your cashe, delete your trash and use the advanced window care
program.  By doing this, it will reduce the un necessary amount of files to be scanned.  I would not suggest
you do this before a scan but every once in a while, when all things are working well on your computer and
you know it's clean of any viruses, worms, malware, adware and spyware, it is a good idea to reset your
system restore.  Here are some links to help you along with system restore:

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Helpful Links
Links to great help forums.
Other reading material:

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