These links don't belong to moosegal so I don't have any control over them.  Do not download any software from theses sites.  If they say you require an upgrade or flash player, get your upgrade or flash from a notable download site.  Secondly ... most of these sites are explorer based.  :(  Sorry, I hate explorer too but seems to be a issue with a lot of web programs.

 Free Television and Music section 

Easy To Use Links
channelsurfr -  Animation (Anime)
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
AOL Funnybone (variety)
Only good in USA
History Channel

Music Videos

Cyber Knowledge
Project Playlist  (just music)
Moosegal's pic from Daily Motion

Radio Station

(no download or installation required)
Radio Tower
Cool Music Zone

For the anime lovers:  Here is a link to a site where you can learn to speak/understand Japanese. From what I see, it's  free.

Fullmetal Alchemist facts:


Moosegal's List of RPG Sites
Now before you return to the marsh, I would like to tell you about Velvet Revolver cd I purchased and could not listen to while I worked on  See, I like
to pop the cd's into the computer and listen to it while I work away on the site
but it
seems that someone out there feels I don't have that right even though I purchased
the cd and put food on their table.

Please take a look at this site:  and the next time you
decide to purchase
a cd, you might want to check out this tool first and make your decision
based on the results.