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I added a game to moosegal so you can pass some time.  See if you can find it on this page.
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Come check out the moose files. New ..... An XPBreye inspired Homepage.

New ..... moosegal photo gallery.     Check out my selection of articles.

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Moosegal is downsizing
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Web Dangers Force Moosegal to ....
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Moosegal is Downsizing
Due to lack on interest, the featured business page will be discontinued.
I will also be changing or discontinuing other things.
Click here to read more.

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Contest now open. Win a
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Moosegal's Video Finds
Cinema is gone but the movies will continue to find their way to moosegal's.

Warriors of the Wasteland  86 minutes

Man on the Land  14:40

Free Lottery Numbers
02 - 11 - 12 - 14 - 23 - 30 - 36
(changed august 2, 2008)
These numbers will be changed weekly. Good luck and have fun!
This link covers many countries -
click and see.

For entertainment purposes only.

Web Dangers Force Moosegal To

Due to the large number of viruse, it has become very hard for me
to find free backgrounds on websites without risking
my computer to viruses.  This year, the virus situation is
way out of control and although many site owners do their best to
stay virus free, it does happen.  As a result, I may end up making my
own backgrounds so if they look crappy ... sorry.

Use McAfee SiteAdviser to check on sites you intend to visit
and surf safely.  Click the pic below.

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Another Small Poke At The Snail

Keep an eye on my toy for new pokes and puns regarding my
favorite snail from
snail is escargot
and teasing snail

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